Welcome to the world of Lanton!

Fifty two years ago, in the late days of the Fellus war, King Norfinn I commissioned the construction of several forts along the western frontier, away from the eastern invaders. After the Treaty of Masque was signed, the war ended but construction of the western forts continued. Soon these forts became trade outposts for the western settlers and explorers.

Fort Recolin has become a full on village, a town charter was drawn up and property around and within the fort walls opened up to citizens. In the last year the population has boomed partially as a haven for the worshipers of Mar-sen and partially due to the discovery of ruins in the western wilderness.

Three childhood friends all came to Recolin but not all for the same reasons.

Verak Varadim has sworn his life to service to the God of Death, Mar-sen. He came to Recolin with Silas, a Disciple of Mar-sen, to set up a church and spread the worship of their patron god to the western regions.

Logan is a former thief, an associate red mage, and a man running from his past. He seeks a fresh start in Recolin.

Tristan Vox is a man cursed to change into a beast, or a beast playing at being a man. In any case, he came to Recolin to hide what he is, or perhaps discover who he is.

(work in progress)


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