Season 2, Session 6

Pilot – Timothy Zorn.
Navigator – Simone Sykes

Marth sending 3 ships looking for dragons.

Ship sustainable speed of 60 mph.

Timothy is attuned to yellow.
Simone is attuned to red.

Atlas been developed for 2 years. Mostly earth mages
at first.

The Engineer helped get the crystal network set up.

Everything powered by the crystal network.

Crystals laid out in a pattern in the crystal room
so that each crystal’s energy output interacts with
each others with an amplifying effect.

Simone is an “arcanist” — gone through the atonement ritual
four times. Not high ranking, but broad knowledge. Started
as earth mage, now red mage, training to be yellow. Wants to
keep airships up.

It’s cold and windy. Tristan gets airsick.

Tim gives Verak with a spyglass, a pretty good one.

Above Morgot’s city, spying down. There’s no zombies and the area looks cleaner.
Two bulky shapes moving around. They’re humanoid. Large, strange proportions.
Shoulders too broad, arms too long, waist too narrow. Gray/tan color.

Verak and Tristan choose not to investigate further.

See some sites of interest. Wildmen camps. Some ruins, barely a stone left standing.

At the 7 hours mark we see one large site. No buildings or structures. Circular signs where roads once were.
We decide that since we’re turning around soon to investigate. Parnas joins us.

This city looks like it was once under siege, leveled and burned.

Feels like something is missing. Abnormal about how it was sieged. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

Tristan find something similar to a circular door in the ground.
Something scratched into the door… looks familiar… saw it in Morgot’s carvings.

“Morgot’s Mark”

Scratched in after the fact, not part of the original door design.

An image of an elf appears after Tristan activates the door.
Very old, very guant elf. He looks like what Morgot might look like
if he wasn’t a zombie.

It begins speaking but we don’t understand anything it says.

Door opens, forms spiral staircase.

Marching order: Tristan, Parnas, Verak.

Deep scratches in the walls, like someone was trying to escape.

4 tunnels, light from one. Tristan tells us to stay back while he investigate.
the light.

Robert finds rat people. Chooses not to parlay. Tunnel #2.
Opens into bend, with clay rat people against the wall. Not really statues,
not sure what they are. Highly detailed, lifelike. Signs of decay.
“Why make a clay rat man that looks like it’s decaying” — one looks like
wounded with clay flesh. Parnas thinks it may be possible. We’ve fought statues before.

Twisting turning, intersection. Light to the left, we go straight across.

Come to a room, tables, rags, trash. Continue to the right. Find a room.
Couple of tables, bowls on the tables, someone was working with clay in here.
Carving little rat children out of clay.

We return to intersection. We hear sounds. Tristan leads us back the way we came.
We hear something call out in an unknown tongue.

Three rat people. One starts talking in a more level tone.

The rat men ask if we’re from what may be above and run away.
Verak wants to follow and see what happens when they go outside.

Hear screaming. Come outside to see ratmen mostly blind and Simone with
a fireball. And elf/Morgot image start up again.

Verak says “They’re not aggressive. They didn’t attack us.”
Simone calms down a bit, but doesn’t release fireball.

Two take off running. The leader stays.

Elf/image says something, and two ratmen fall.

Two Ratmen are clay now.

Final Ratman curses elf image. Commit suicide by stepping out of range.

On the way back, we saw an additional ruin. Mostly buried in trees,
Tim says the mages have already ransacked that one. Also pass additional
Wildmen campsites.

We find Marth working with the focus crystal.

Unique properties of almost limitless power. Thinks if he plugged into
the Atlas it could work today. Safer and less violent than the crystals.
Theorizes that it might be the solution he’s look for. May be able to get
his powers back.

Marth found an old tome, points at a page with a big dragon. Dragon is holding
a focus crystal. Caption: “Dragon holding the world stone.”

Crystal may be able non-mages into a mage, maybe even turn everyone into a mage.

Legend “the world stone” was a gift given to the people once every 100 generations.
Legen is that it grants wishes but falls into the wrong hands. It’s misused and then
goes away for another hundred generations.

How long until Thanniv returns?
We don’t have long.

Next day:

Breakfast in the morning. Hear a rumor that some guy is swearing that there was a guy riding on the dragon.
No new dragon sitings.

At the meeting planning our route, Tristan zones out and draws a map after
having a vision. He asked where the lost city was. 10 hours ride. This time,
Lily comes with us.

Tristan Vision Buddy says Morgot chose not to accept godhood, but the reason why is unknown.

After the 6 hour mark we start seeing more ruins, most look besieged, razed.
At some point, Tim gets excited because we’re going 70 mph!!! Lily doesn’t
like heights and stays below deck most the time.

We see coastline. Tim says no one has been this far. Sprawling set of ruins
with a structure around the coast and a tall tower. These ruins seem beseiged
as well, but in far better condition than others. Fires and tee-pee along
the outer edge of the ruins.

The camps aren’t Wildmen. Red Goblins.

Lily chooses to join us. Parnas relieved.

See’s dragon to the north.

Lily shouts “Parnas you’re going.”

Parnas can signal Tim for pickup.

We hit the ground, Tim flies off south-east, dragon lands 100 yards north.

“Alkin Marth wishes to establish diplomatic relations.”

From the Left: “My brother wishes to intimidate you.”

“He’ll find I’m not easily intimated, although the dragon is a good tactic.”

To the left of me is an old guy.

“My brother continues to vex me. I believe you have spoken to him before, Tristan.”

“Closest approximation. Although we do not share the same parents, we share the same blood.
He believe the affairs of man should be meddled in. I believe it up to the individuals to make their own choices.”

“Because of his interference I am forced to adjust things. So I am going to give you a gift. Lebab”

And he’s gone.

The old guy is now arguing with his brother. We approach them. Wizen old red
goblin approaches.

Verak say “Tristan go talk to your friend, I’ll handle this.”

Tristan starts to walk that way. Parnas stops him. “Don’t do that.”

“That guy radiates more magic than I’ve ever seen before, and I’ve spent time in the crystal room.”

Red Goblin says “Greetings”

Verak says “I am Verak, this is Tristan. We wish to pass through your camp.”

Realize I am not speaking my native tongue. Probably gift from old dude (Label is Babel backwards).

Red Goblin Lady agrees to guide us through their camp.

Much of the goblin art has mountain peaks. With dragons.

Looking at the actual mountains. Yeah, dragons.

“Is years past counting, once a great city, laid all across the land. The ancient peoples live side by side with the winged lizard men, dragons. But one day the ancient peoples grew jealous of the dragons. And a war broke out across the land. When they took the gift from the sky the dragons came and attacked and laid wastes to the cities. So at last 21 of the ancient people took the gift from the sky. They ascended to the tower. Here one fell behind and told his companions to continue on. That he would hold off the attack. 20 go up. And when at last they entered the great chamber, they shut the doors and sealed it behind them. And those doors have never been open to this day. And now you, the children from the sky to open the door. Many, many generations we have waited for the children of the sky.”

As we reach the top step she turns around.


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