Season 2, Session 4

Crystals used in the attunements are colored.

Chamber for attunement. Rites and Rituals. Colored “crystals” – may or may not be the same as the crystals.

50 or so mages in the city.

Thaniv left; Archmage Channler arrived.

Marth in attunement chamber.

Verak convinced Parnas, who reluctantly agrees, to take us to the chamber.

Escalator not working.

Scream from behind the Chamber door.

Verak and Parnas pushes their way in.

Door doesn’t open from magic crystal.

Parnas, Verak, Tristan start pulling open the door.

Door partially opened.

Figure far side room. Extends had, throws something and hits Marth square in the chest.

Door slight more open.

Another dagger hits Marth who falls to the ground.

Door flings open.

Older man, stringy hair, shaven, nice hooded robes, somewhat tall

“What is the meaning of this, guards!”

Verak kills the mage.

The platform has a dome… much like the one the elf drew.
Dead center, bowl shape. Where the focus crystal may fit.

Marth: “… if I am not a mage what am I”

Verak: “we will be gods together”

Verak performs first aid.

We take him a room.

They are sending for a doctor.

Mage archmage Channler.

Half dozen guys took an airship, and they left. Only one or two come back.

Logan’s dead. Body of Logan was discovered hidden in the chamber. Massive electral blast.

Short, little girl very young. Long dark hair, pulled back. Runs to the side of Marth. Gasps.

“Parnas why haven’t you healed him?” / “Magic’s not working”

Girls name is Lily Vantis, threatens to have us detain. Assert we are not leaving Marth.

“Acting Overseer of Atlas project.”

Normally 1 person to represent all of the college and a master of ceremonies, plus the person doing plus 2 people for moral support. Sometimes there’s discomfort, but never any screaming. Parnas has no idea why Channler was attacking Marth. Some archmages are opposed to the project, but no idea if Channler is one of them.. and if he was, why would he be here. Marth should have been notified when Thaniv left, but that didn’t happen and Parnas finds it suspect.

“Make sure Jake doesn’t leave his quarters.” (Jake is Channler’s apprentice)

Lily tearing up at Marth’s injury. Lily is Marth’s assistance/apprentice. Parnas thinks she’s in love with Marth.

Verak makes duplicate of his journal.

Figure in doorway. Short figure, robes and hood.

Bearg: Blue skinned Goblin. Light, almost yellow eyes.
Helps with the construction on Atlas.

We were a beautiful people; tall, proud…
That is what your kind calls us.

We grew vain. We rejected our creaters.
The dragons?
It’s a very unfortunate term. Becuase the word dragon can meet a lot of things. We will just say the first dragons. We worshipped them as gods, until we figured out how to build ourselves our own gods. Regardless, we were punished for our vanity.

How so, and who punished you?

The first gods, the first dragons.

They turned us into this. I mean, it wasn’t all at once. Though the legends go that when the our great leaders took to become gods themselves to lead us. They ascended to the city never to return.

Dragons Gods:
Dragon Lords:
Dragon Beasts: Dragon beasts can become dragon lords.

Elves and dragons went to war with gods.
Seven elves ascended with a promise to return, but did not return.
Magic went away, elves turned to goblins over generations.

Opened portals to other worlds with crystals. Most light, but one dark. The shizen (destroyers). Said to be the cause of nightmares.

Morgot story said was left behind. But elves said he stayed behind.

Logan arrived a week ago.

Lily sent a flying ship to get Cox.
Cox says he thinks Marth will alright.

“War never changes.”
“I think flying ships will make war changes a lot.”

Next day Marth awakens.
“Channeler went crazy. Never a fan… but I think he killed Logan.” no idea why.

Try to convince Marth to ascend. Says it doesn’t make sense. Opposite of attunement.

Almost drawn in. Almost make out an image on the far side of it.

Crystal release a mist that starts flowing right at Marth.

Tristan covers it up.

“They’re not stone. They’re not crystals. They’re breaks in reality. They don’t contain magic. They’re a doorway to magic. If the crystals are magics that things it doorway.”

We go to the attunement rom. The attunement crystals are all the colors, but look different.

“Warrants further research”

Dragon outside.


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