Season 2, Session 3

Arrive at the town of Foxhill.
Tavern: Two Tailed Fox.

7-8 Lullcast.

Drodan is Marth’s contact. He is in a bookstore (scrolls, parchment, ink).

Message to Marth: “Origins discovered. Critical we meet immediately. Send time/location.”

Guy watching us, mid twenties, lanky, muscle.
Loder. Used to work in the shipyards out east.
Say he saw two mages, possibly Marth, go to Redmill in the west.

After staying at the Church of Ven-ack in Foxhill and waiting most of the morning to hear back from Marth, Verak and Tristan travel to Redmill.

Older guy with handlebar mustache. Lies to us about Marth; says no one coming to town.

Verak and Tristan wear out their welcome after demanding to know where their friends are.

A kid named Bast tells us that one mage left, one disappeared “I don’t know what they did with him.”

We flee the town.

Tristan returns in the morning, alone.

The Atlas. It’s the project Marth’s master has been working on. Sort of a sanctuary.

Giant chains attached to a city carved out of the peak of a mountain. Welcome to the Atlas.

Tristan is a big blue nazi.

Doshen (aka Blue People) were attempting to orchestrate a war between the mages guild and the church.


sd_jasper ptank

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