Lanton Season 2, Episode 2

Tristan and Verak encounter 4 zombies.
Kill them.

Verak sees 5th. Cuts off head. Zombie smirks.

Verak sees a dozen more. Attacks. They kneel in front of him.

Verak: Speak.
Zombie: Welcome.
Verak: Where are we?
Zombie: Ruins Prydil. My home and my prison.
Verak: What happened here?
Zombie: come speak with me in person.
Verak: What is your name?
Zombie: Morgot.

There is no Morgot. There is a Morgoth legend, but it is aprocapha.

We enter a courtyard, approaching dome.
Notice more zombies, but more skeletal and wearing clothes similar to the wildmen.

We enter the dome and Tristan lights a torch.

Tristan sees an engraving of 7 figures.

“Explain yourself”
“I apologize. It has been very long since I have had visitors”
Claps, zombies move curtains and lights come in.

Tall, slender, over 6’6". No hair, no nose, skin stretched. Looks like a corpse:

“What you’ve done here is an abomination, an affront to Marsen.”

I was there when he and the others ascended. They left me here to be forgotten. Denied the gifts of life and death.

“You were there when the slew the dead gods.”

“I suppose so. I became one of the dead gods.”

“There were 21 of us.”

Long ago, we were the second race. The great powers that created the world created the dragons. Viscious savage monsters… and our people. While the dragons were simply beasts that as the years passed grew more powerful, they were given a divine spark they could become divide. We on the other hand were simply given… we had to build everything. We were creators. Eventually we learned to create our own divine spark. An d a war broke out… and war in which we won. And in the end the 7 remaining tribe council members banded together .. and they 7 each took 2 assistance. We came to the city Ashala with the divine spark in hand. THe city was still defended and I was injured—left behind. THe others went on.

7 to become what you now call gods. The others, the dead gods.

“How do we find the 7”

“Do you seek the divine spark?”

“We must find it”

“Do you wish to stand shoulder to shoulder with the gods. Do you wish to ascend”

“No. I wish to prevent others.”

Mural. 7 figures, each with 2 people behidn them except 1. Each of the seven holds a crystal. The person who is missing is behind the orange.

It requires the stone table. Then you must use a crystal. Channel energies to it. The crystals are not simply physical rocks. They are bridges between the world of concept and the physical world. You can draw energies into the physical from the other side. When enough energy is gathered it is spun around the table like fabric on a loom.

Needs a colored crystal to work. Non-colored crystals can be turned into colored crystals, but that process is lost.

Then assuming you have done everything right, you can bring down the divine spark.

Hands Tristan a blue healing stone.

“I cannot leave this place.”

There are elves fighting dragon.

“They are mistake.”

“Crafter of life. We built new races. The ones that were ill equipped were supposed to be destroyed, but some escaped. Only one was a success. A mixture of then very primitive humans. They were given great speed and power. They helped us win the war. Humans were the third race.”

Human = third race.
Elves = second race.
Dragons = first race.

He created to Dosheen.

Tristan “that is what I am?”

“It is what you descend from.”

“Take the place alongside my friends, even my beloved Jarech”

“A focus crystal; that can be very useful. We used those to channel energies. It’s allows for easier access to the energies used in the ascension.”

THe very last drawing is very interesting… looks nothing like anything else… strange creature vaguly humanoid.

“The devourer” – a very old legend. A story my people had… he was buried deep in the earth and left there and he could only reach out through dreams.

“I carved this mural because this build I was place over… bears this symbol.” On the floor there is a large rune carved. “I fancied that perhaps I was left here as a guardian to watch over the boogyman.”

“Then I shall rest” – when he sits he is unnaturally still.

Tristan has encounter he cannot remember. Says something about a ring of fire, no burning. Do not trust Morgot. He seeks to summon the devourer.

Morgoth — only mentioned once — called The Prince of Betrayal.

Oracle: “Marsen has chosen you for a very important role.”

And the group rents horses and travels to find Marth.


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