Lanton Season 2, Episode 1

A friend in need will find death where he seeks life, and will return to cast shadows over the land.

A forgotten creature in a forgotten ruin forges life that should never have been. He will bring about the destroyers to devour all dreams.

Marth cannot be desuaded from leaving. Says omen is possibly refering to Logan. One week trip. Through wilderness. Back in a month.

Grocer hands sign saying “No Mages”

Prince Jathan provides horses and provisions.

Farmer at the border that we will leave the horses with.

Payment is given for the farmer.

Scout injured (leg and arm, not fatally). Insited the other scouts leave him behind. Named Thonmat. Attempt to find him if possible.

“I am looking for things… I want to see why my brother sees a threat in these ruins.”

I tell Jathan about the crystals from the ruins being used as weapons potentially. He doesn’t believe the crystals are what his brother is afraid of.

3 day trip to ruins.

Smoke, we investigate.

Camoflagued, 5 foot tall savage guy in tree jumps down, facing away from Verak. Says “wait/stop/cease/understand” in foreign language. Wearing cloak and hood with sticks.

Small man with bow, pointed at head. Looks like savage, but tan-greenish skin. Maybe 5 foot. Ears are not cut they are pointed.

Green guy lowers his bow. Tristan comes out of stealth.

Green guy runs away.

Cloak guy “you should have no come here.” Turns around, looks like elf guy, but bluish skin. Has pointy ears. Sharp features.

Green guy doesn’t look like elf statues.

Cloak guy looks similar to elf statue, but not quite.

Cloak guy speaks our langauge.

Cloak guy: “You shouldn’t have come here”

Cloak guy: “No place for humans”

Cloak guy “I have been watching you Tristan”

Cloak guy: “THe answers I seek are whether or not humans have grown ready to understand the mysteries of the world.”

Verak takes a blair witch project totem.

30 minutes later, Tristian recogonizes Cloak guy as Shadowy Figure that helped us escape ruins under the town.

Next morning.

Verak notices a vine trip wire right as Tristan trips.

Thomatt older, scar on his eye. Rudimentary splint, cane.

Thomatt and Jathan go way back.

Thomatt jumped by a statue.

Town bigger than Ricola.

Food rations: enough for 4 days to explore the ruins.

Verak wants to make a map from the vantage point and plan what areas to explore.


sd_jasper ptank

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